About Us

The BioWave Mission: To Produce Powerfully Effective Marine Products While Protecting and Preserving Our Waterways

Welcome to the BioWave Movement!

We believe boaters should not have to choose between performance and protecting the environment.  At BioWave, we produce environmentally friendly marine products without sacrificing performance. 

As avid boaters who also care about our waterways, we found ourselves constantly choosing between "green" products that did not work and a concoction of bleach and other harsh chemicals that was not safe for the boater or the environment.  After many years of research, development and testing, we launched BioWave as a solution to this dilemma.   

We treasure our waterways and marine life.  At BioWave, we are committed to providing powerfully effective marine products that are safe for in-water use.  Accordingly, we ensure that our products are 100% biodegradable and do not contain bleach, lye, petroleum distillates or any other harsh chemicals. 

Our goal is that every boater and marina will embrace the BioWave movement and enjoy the innovative power of BioWave marine products while protecting our waterways.

We also are looking for wholesale and retail partners.  We offer significant quantity discounts and tremendous advertising and promotional opportunities. 

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